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How To Start a Business Online Even If You Know Nothing About Websites and Have Never Started a Business Before

A FREE Workshop for People With Amazing Ideas, But Who Have No Idea How to Get Started With An Online Business

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Presented by Jose Gomez
CEO of Gomez Innovations

What Others Are Saying About Me

"Jose is the quintessential entrepreneur. He is creative, perceptive, and courageous in the pursuit of opportunity. He is also humble, honest, hardworking and mature beyond his years. He will inevitably be a very successful businessman."
Russel Naisbitt, President of SRT Solutions LLC
"Jose Gomez is one of the most impressive professionals I've ever met. He will meet you with honesty, feedback and impart ideas into your project that help you get there faster. If you ever get a chance to have a meeting with Jose, take it! You will come out even closer to your goals because of his vision. I highly recommend Jose Gomez."
Mike Storms, Owner of Foczy
"Jose is a dynamic entrpreneur with a unique ability to leverage his knowledge in sales/marketing and application development to create successful and well-rounded business ideas. In my time working with him, he was not only a supervisor but a mentor and coach. He provided the right amount of feedback and automony for me to absorb from him and to learn independently. In four short years I was able to go from an intern doing basic HTML programming, to managing projects and providing consulting services. There are few people that I have seen work as hard as he does with such a strong committment to excellence. He regularly overdelivers and he runs his businesses with integrity and honesty."
Tony Alicea, Former Project Manager at NetMinistry
"Jose's ability to lead through every phase of his ideas is unmatched. His dedication to "the vision" is well-grounded by his rounded ability to not only manage a project, but meet the same expectations he expects from others who work with him. Jose is your TEAM LEADER in moments of need, and through my time at Inspyre, he was one of the most well-versed and level-headed owners. The clients saw this in him, and his ethic matched his high level of perserverance."
Eric Gomez, President of Headnokka Media Group
"Jose is innovative and a creative expert in technology which i appreciate as one who is not. He does everything with the heart of a servant. A great family and friend as well."
Daniel Bernard, President of Somebody Cares Tampa Bay
"Jose is a great leader, extremely knowledgeable in what he specializes in and a wonderful partner to work with."
Tamy Lugo, Owner of VStylist
"Jose's work ethics, integrity and level of commitment were unsurpassed. Jose utilized his musical, as well as leadership skills to improve and expand community based work that was done during our time working at Restoration Ministry. He served in many capacities as leader, teacher, mentor, musician and technical support."
Carmen Vasey, Manager of Professional Services at Apptical
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